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It's My SH!T Teenage Cards are the ultimate tool to provide clarity and insight and to assist you in stepping into your power. The 54 Afffirmation Cards in this deck contain key affirmations, the meaning behind the affirmations and how this keeps your mind, heart and soul strong. Includes how to use card and overview. In times of change in our world and the additional stresses on you as a teenager, it is more important than ever to honour who you are, to rise up and be the best version of yourself that you can be. You have the power to choose how you experience this world "Shine On".


The in-between years from child to adult of a teenager or young person.

Do not mold me, do not stifle me, do not stop my growth due to fear, as I am learning.

It's My SH!T and I will do it with respect, love and no harm to myself or others. I need to learn my SH!T, my own way. I will come to you for guidance when I know I need support. This will help me to grow and be the version of my mind, heart and soul. 'SHINE ON'


You will not find these cards in any shops or mass production stores. These have been personally created and designed by myself and have been done so with love and care for the people who will purchase and use them daily. I hope you love them as much as I do X0X0

It's My SH!T Teenage Affirmation Guidance Cards

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