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 About Me

Thank you for being curious about my story and who I am. I have always been passionate about seeing people reach their highest potential and supporting them to connect with their inner MePower. 

I am an Online Business Entrepeneur, Reiki Intuitive Healer and Wellbeing Specialist. I have a love of supporting individuals to Shine On and achieve their best life both Financially, Spiritually, Physically and Mentally.

I have a passion for outdoors, gardening, swimming, healing modalities and travel. I have been married to my soul mate for 27yrs and have 4 young adult children. My family is my proudest achievement and is my Why. I understand the struggles people have trying to make ends meet, and the daily grind of working a 9 to 5 job and having limited time or dollars to live your best life. I have done this for over 30yrs before I decided to leave a 6-figure job with a car last year (2022) to make the freedom changes I needed to live my best life and have not looked back.


I hope to inspire and support others to be able to achieve the financial freedom, physical health outcomes, spiritual growth and improve mind health they want or desire.

It has been my family, close friends and business families who supported me when I chose to step out into my own business, and I thank them for their ongoing support and encouragement. I am excited that you will be on this freedom and wellbeing journey with me. SHINE ON!

In Loving Memory of Tracey Griffiths 28th May 1970 to 2nd August 2016 - thank you for being our guiding light.



My Qualifications  

Over the last 30 plus years I have undertaken various qualifications. The list below is a snapshot of what I have done. All of these qualifications have enabled me to support others on their learning, business and healing journeys. These have also supported me on my own internal journey to optimal health and wellbeing. 

  • BA Human Services (Child and Family)

  • Transformational Life Coach

  • EFT/Meridian Tapping Practitioner

  • TFT/Meridian Tapping Practitioner

  • Grand Master Reiki

  • Seichim Master

  • Karuna Master

  • Dragon Reiki

  • Advanced Crystal Healer

  • Circle Accredited Facilitator

  • Card Deck Creator

Doing the work

Doing the Work (3).png
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